10 Points to remember while writing great guest articles

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Guest articles are great for increased participation and user engagement. They help you in various ways to establish yourself as an expert in any niche. Apart from that, you will be able to reach more audience in a shorter time frame.

When we started this blog, we had less number of contents and less user engagement. Now we are able to find more readers to this blog as we are open to guest authors to publish their articles. It is a Win-Win situation for both of us.

To leverage heavily and grow, we need to follow certain principles and guidelines. This makes every content more informative and useful to readers. Let us discuss them in this article.

1. Area of expertise

When writing a guest post article to any website, make sure to write about any topic on your area of expertise only. Never choose a topic unless you know something about it. If the topic is too broad, try to narrow it down.

2. Focus on readers

Focus on what readers really want to read. Content is the king (or read, reader, is the king). Create a rough draft of everything you know about your topic. Then when you get new ideas or information, add to it. Finally, come up with a great article.

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3. Do some research

Carry out a detailed research on your topic. Never publish on outdated topics. Search for announcements, new developments, new thoughts, and any other resources you may need to make your article more clear and rich.

4. Establishing yourself as an expert

Be easy while writing, but make sure to be more professional in your final draft. Pick the right words so that audience will easily understand your topic. When people read your articles on established websites, they will think about authenticity and that you’re an expert in the field.

5. Be more specific

Try to be more specific about the topic you cover. Try to break down subtopics in points, and make it in order. In case if you are covering a “How-to” topic, make sure that each step is clear before moving to the next step. This will reduce the confusion and the chance of readers moving to other articles or websites.

6. Focus on gaining visibility

You need to get noticed. If nobody reads, your work will go in vain. Unless you pick the right topic and most popular words used in your niche, you will never be able to reach your audience. Because search engines have a weird sense of thinking that your topic is incomplete. Never ignore the power of Machines thinking. Try to have some clear idea about topics like content Optimisation for search engines, or SEO. Try to convince search engines but never lose out in making sense for humans.

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7. Follow guest article guidelines

You have to follow certain guidelines while writing guest articles. You may also search for general guidelines by searching in Google. Also, check out specific guidelines provided by the guest article submission page or website.

7. Relevant niches only

While writing guest articles, visit the site to which you are going to write an article and check whether topics covered by the website is relevant to your topic. Do not submit your guest article if you have chosen a topic that doesn’t fit the requirement of the targeted website.

9. Proofread guest article

Always proofread your guest article before submitting. If you are using Microsoft Word for your drafting process, it will automatically check for errors. There are other online tools such as Grammarly which will help you to recognise mistakes made at an advanced level that other proofreaders won’t find out. This will increase the chances of getting your guest article published.

10. Follow up

After submitting your guest article, follow up until you get a reply from the website. Sometimes due to any reason, if the website editor/admin missed your mail, your work will never get published. Contact the site owner to ask about the progress. You’ll also come to know if it’s accepted or not. This will give you another chance to negotiate and get it published after meeting their content quality requirements.

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