GST Registration Online: How to register under GST? Goods and Services Tax Registration Process

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This article will guide you on GST Registration Online.

Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax system in India. You may also like to read What’s GST and what are the circumstances in which GST registration becomes necessary.

For existing taxpayers who want to change details or part of the details provided, can check how to change GST Registration details in this separate article

What’s GST Registration meant to be?

It’s the process of getting registered as a taxpayer under GST regime. When the turnover exceeds 20 lacs, it’s required to be registered under GST. Also an interstate supplier must go for GST registration online and pay taxes.

However, an e-commerce trader, person or persons specified by the council or the government as the exception, Input service provider, an agent – are whether or not cross the turnover, however, are required to register themselves under GST regime.

Documents required for GST Registration Online

As per GST portal data, the following documents are required to be submitted during the registration under GST regime.

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  1. PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  2. Details of jurisdiction
  3. Bank account number with IFSC code
  4. A valid mobile number and email ID
  5. Place of business
  6. At least one partner proprietor director trustee having a permanent account number
  7. Authorised signatory
  8. All the prescribed fields in the application for registration to be filled carefully.

Process of GST Registration Online

  1. Login to GST portal.
  2. From “Services” select “New Registration” and fill up the form. The form will ask PAN, Phone number and mail ID and other information.
  3. Enter the OTP received to confirm your identity.
  4. TRN will be generated. Now login with TRN in gst portal. Using OTP received, continue logging in.
  5. Upload documents.
  6. Once your application is approved within 3 working days, you will get your GSTIN.
  7. If the officer is not satisfied he may ask for further details in the form GST REG – 3.
  8. You have to submit the documents within 7 working days in form GST REG – 4.
  9. Based on the details provided the GST officer may approve or deny your application. If the application is rejected you will be informed about it. Is approved you will get your GSTIN.
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Registration of multiple branches

When a trader has multiple branches outside the state, separate registration is required for each state.

Penalities under failure to register under GST regime

In case of failure to get GST registration online, assessee may have to pay 10℅ of the tax amount, Or Rs. 10,000 whichever is high. Genuine errors will attract 10℅ where as 100℅ penalty is applicable for tax evasion.

What’s GSTN?

It stands for Goods and Services Tax Identity Number which will be unique to every registered tax payer. It will contain two digit state code, followed by permanent account number, entity number of the PAN holder, “Z” by default and a checksum digit at the end.

Composition Scheme under GST

If the annual turnover does not exceed 75 lakhs the taxpayer can opt for composition Scheme.

Quarterly returns under composition Scheme is not allowed for –

  • E-commerce operators
  • Sellers engaged in interstate supplies
  • Service providers
  • Notified taxpayers

Benefits of composition Scheme

  • Quarterly GST returns
  • No tax invoice (mandatorily)
  • No tax credit calculations as he’s not directly collecting taxes.
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Goods and Services Tax returns are to be filled on…
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